In today’s world, the thing people want most is mobility!!

Proper Wheelchair Assessment and Prescription promotes comfort during upright activities of daily living (ADLs); Promotes physiological maintenance and tissue protection through prevention of shearing; Promotes sensory readiness through provision of proper eye and head position.

A ppropriate wheelchair assessment facilitates upper limb function which occurs with proper trunk support; Promotes social acceptance by allowing eye contact; Decreases progression of deformity through customized seating as needed (see custom seating below); Decreases pain through provision of proper support to all limbs; Facilitates mobility with what means the person with a physical challenge has availability; and Increases self-esteem through provision of a wheelchair which meets the person’s needs and facilitates mastery of the environment.                                    (Dietz & Dudgeon, 1998; Johann, 1998).

Manual Wheelchairs with Power Add on Device


Remain on the move
to reach

faster, easier, safer and more efficient


Power assist devices on manual wheelchairs can be a great solution for those long-term manual wheelchair users, with certain physical and functional conditions may qualify for power add on (power assist) option. These power assist devices are great solutions for mobility related activities of daily living (MRADLs).

For instance, using a power assist device can be helpful when you are going up ramps or hills, carrying objects, grocery shopping, pushing a baby stroller, going up ramps or hills, mopping, sweeping, or when negotiating thresholds or carpet.
As well, a power assist device on manual wheelchairs should also be 

considered for other life
participation goals, such as work,
school, and recreational activities.

Assessments for
Power add on
(for manual wheelchairs)

Some smart drive devices come with PushTracker wristband that makes the already awardwinning
wheelchair power assist even better. It can power
you up steep hills and through thick carpet. It’s intuitive to use and will go for miles on a single charge. Talk to London Rehab staff to get connected to one of our expert therapists determine your needs, eligibility, and to discover more, so you can rediscover your independence!

SmartDrive is a compact, lightweight, rear mounted power assist device that provides power to a manual wheelchair. It’s an option that can allow manual wheelchair users who are no longer functional with propulsion to remain in their manual wheelchairs rather than moving into a full-blown power wheelchair.

Push your boundaries with Power Add On options and reach the highest level of independence.

These types of power add on technology can be added to manual wheelchairs (compatible models). They are equipped with electronics and software to provide extra power with each propelling movement. (i.e. a machine that comes with driving sensor positioned on the push rim which determines the right amount of assistance needed, so you can reach your destination more quickly, efficiently and less physical effort).

can complete clinical assessments and review your physical and functional status to help you determine your best choice to reach your optimal level of independence in your mobility, and beyond! Contact us today to find out. You can call us directly, request a call (click here), or chat with us online, so we can connect you with one of our expert therapists. As well, ask our experts to review with you for your eligibility for funding programs for your seating and/or mobility equipment. We are here for you!!